Sunday, June 24, 2012

The problem the bra!

I've got a life lesson in measurements today.
I needed to have a dress altered and my friend recommended this tailor in Chinatown. So off I go with my dress. As soon as I have it on, he scrutinizes me, front, back, front, side.
What is wrong with the dress? he asks. Well this, and this and this. 'Come over here for a minute', he says.

What follows is a drawing of the body shape of a woman, scribbles of what my measurements are and then he asks me how old I am?
All this, to tell me that a woman my age (he guessed I'm in between 26 and 28 yrs old, btw!) should not let the length between my breasts be more than 8 inches, it should in fact be 7 inches, and that the length from my shoulder to my breast should not be more than 10 inches. Huh?

The numbers are not important, they are just that. What he meant was that I needed to get my boobs higher and pushed up so they compliment my figure. After some pushing and probing, I see his point. 

So basically, I've been wearing my bra wrong. The size is right, it's just the straps all had to be adjusted. I have now gone through all of my bras and fixed them. According to the tailor, just the bra would make me look 50% better! Now with his adjustment, this dress must surely look AMAZING on me! I can barely wait for the fitting for my next life lesson...