Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas is in the air!

Yes, my Christmas tree is up!
This is my first Canadian tree. The last 5 years, I always intended to buy a tree but never quite got to it, either because I was out of the country or just didn't get to the stores fast enough to get a good one on a good deal.

This year's tree purchase was a spur of the moment thing as well. I just happened to have a car for that day and brought my cousin to Wal-mart for a shopping spree. She wanted a Christmas tree and this one was such a steal. I had to buy one as well, along with the lights, a tree skirt and some decorations. I already had quite a few decorations which I have bought previous years in anticipation of when I will own a tree. All this turned out well, my tree looks decorated enough, does it not? Maybe the only thing missing is a bright star at the top.

In my high school years, when school was out in November and we would spend summer just doing nothing at home all day, setting up the tree would be first order of business as soon as we hit December. Have I had the choice, I probably would have waited till December so as not to seem to eager for Christmas to come. Unfortunately, obligations trumped tradition this year. I am going to be quite busy the next few week-ends ahead, so last week-end was my only chance lest I ended up not putting the tree even though I bought one this year!

Thanks to my BFF Joan, my place has an air of Christmas already!
Now to find presents to put under the tree!